Who we are:

The Black Artists Dance Collective is an Atlanta-based community arts organization whose mission is to connect the Atlanta black dance community to network resources and opportunities both nationally and internationally.

With your donation the Black Artists Dance Collective will be able to:

  • Provide a Scholarship and Mentorship program to High School Juniors and Seniors who plan on pursuing a career in dance. Through this program students will receive business and application guidance from working professionals along with direct connection to top college and training programs. 

  • Launch a major dance festival in Atlanta celebrating black dance

  • Host community master classes and seminars with top industry professionals

  • Host networking events, showcases, and forums that help bridge the gap between the Atlanta dance community and the rest of the dance world

First Round Fundraising Goal: $25,000

Donor Tiers

Level 1: The Fam(ily)
Give What You Can

Personal Thank You Note


Level 2: The Circle
$500 Giving

Personal Thank You Note

Website Recognition

Virtual Networking


Level 3: The Collective
$1000 and Up Giving

Personal Thank You Note

Website Recognition

Virtual Networking

Industry Meet and Greet


Website: www.tbadcollective.org

IG: @tbadcollective 

LinkediN: http://linkedin.com/in/the-black-artist-dance-collective-b1ab49205