Power Haus Creative Projects

Power Haus Creative (PHC) for artists and undeserved community members who simply deserve better. Power Haus Creative focuses on demanding socio-economic change, leveraging creative equity so that artists have the resources and support needed for sustainable careers and ensuring the under-served are well represented within their communities.

PHC an art park to implement creative workshops and financial literacy programs for creatives and the youth to be able to have the resources, education, and support they need to obtain sustainable creative careers.

PHC is working with community advocate, Kiyomi Rollins; the property owner of The Kenekt Cooperative to create a Power Haus Creative Park. Donations will go towards the

  • Permitting
  • Insurance, design
  • And build out of the park, which is already underway
  • Artist Fees

Once completed, local artists will lead creative workshops for the youth and their fellow artists in search of furthering their creative skills. Those creative workshops will then be reinforced by financial literacy courses on how to run a creative business by working with non-profit organizations, such as C4 Atlanta.

Phase 1, which includes planning, permitting, design, and site cleanup, is to be completed no later than Friday, July 31. Pending final fee amount. Programming will be launched with visual artists Frko, Melissa Alexander, C Flux Sing, and Melissa Mitchell.